Individual Therapy

Therapy with Individual Clients

I love working one on one with clients because I am able to both witness and be part of your growth process, while simultaneously getting to know you in a meaningful way. My approach with adult therapy is partially based on a model called AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy). AEDP is an empathic and emotion focused approach that, in part, involves tracking what is happening at particular moments in the therapy session as a means to uncovering deeper feelings and experiences, and ultimately arriving to what is most true inside. Discovering the innermost, core truth feels surprisingly liberating, leads naturally to more adaptive behaviors, and frees up places that may have been emotionally stuck.

AEDP incorporates attachment theory which hypothesizes that the ways we felt secure or insecure with our caregivers growing up (the attachment relationship), influences the way we feel secure or insecure as adults out in the world and in our relationships. The conscious and unconscious methods that we use to deal with life and people now, formed to a great extent, out of these early attachment experiences (though temperament and other life circumstances play a role as well). AEDP aims to bring to light and transform the places we have knowingly or unknowingly avoided, that have resulted in the difficulties and dilemmas that brought you into therapy.

Through conversations that feel real and mutually sincere, a trusting and secure relationship forms between you and I. Within this context, we can more easily address what you are experiencing in life, notice and process things you might not have been aware of that happen outside and inside the therapy room, and co-create healthier, positive experiences and choices that feel “right”, outside and inside the therapy room. Many people come to therapy not realizing how “alone” they have been feeling with parts of themselves. Being in the presence, and feeling the presence of a trusted other person (me) can undo this aloneness, make exploration of these parts feel safe, meaningful and satisfying, and lead to real and positive changes in your life.