Seeking therapy suggests you may be troubled with some aspect of yourself or your life, or alternatively, are desiring to better something within yourself. It is a courageous step to take, as it often seems easier to avoid what is uncomfortable than to deal with it. Therapy can be a transformative experience, where, in the presence of a caring and attuned therapist, new self understanding emerges, abilities and confidence are gained to handle life’s challenges, and you can feel more peaceful and happy!

I am a clinical psychologist and have worked in the Bay Area since the 1990’s, with offices in San Francisco and Marin County. I deeply enjoy helping my clients uncover what is genuine and true inside themselves, which in turn, provides guidance and clarity for what is needed in their lives. My style of therapy is interactive, warm and relationally based. I prioritize developing a secure and comfortable relationship with clients as a foundation from which we can address the presenting issues. I have a specialty working with individuals struggling with eating disorders and related problems, but treat an extensive variety of other issues including depression, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness, relationship struggles, and more.

My therapeutic approach incorporates attachment and emotion focused models, as well as various other methods that I determine based on the presenting issues and personality style of each client. In general, I pay a lot of attention to what is arising in the therapy room, as a means to identifying and then working on what occurs for clients out in the world.

If you are interested in therapy that can go deeper than simple advice, addresses the core of your issues, and can lead to real transformation, please contact me.